Precision. Performance. Delivered.



Operating with dependable accuracy.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Precision for You

Surgeons can have faith in the integrity of these tungsten carbide inserts gripping the suture needle exactly and with less slippage than milled inserts or stainless steel instruments.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Precision for Us

Means starting with the highest quality tungsten carbide, employing creep-feed grinding methodology and rigorous quality control to ensure the highest caliber inserts. Our process, and 30 years of manufacturing experience for OEM’s and repair shops, yields tungsten carbide inserts that have optimal needle gripping power, superb wear resistance, consistency and greater productivity for the end user, your customer.


Products with exceptional strength, durability and proficiency.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Performance for You

Performance for you and your customer means ordering a product that is efficient and uncompromising in fulfilling its intended purpose with exceptional strength, durability and proficiency.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Performance for Us

Performance for us means using our proven expertise, as we were formerly a department of Abrasive-Form, to meet or exceed the expectations you and your customers have for an exceptional quality insert, service and on-time delivery.


Consistently delivering the highest quality tungsten carbide inserts on time.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Delivered for All

Knowing that you have acquired inserts that hold the exceptional precision, durability, and performance that is so critical to your business and the surgical instruments you provide to your customer.  Abrasive West knows how important our inserts for the needle holder forceps are to a surgical instrument manufacturer.


Standard Dimensions

Find standard trapezoid or rectangular insert sizes below. Stock availability varies. (.dwg file avail. on request.)


Part Number: 156

Part Number: 195

Part Number: 219

Part Number: 250

Part Number: 531

Part Number: 669

Part Number: 775-125


Part Number: 230

Part Number: 310

Part Number: 370-117

Part Number: 500-117

Part Number: 625-117

Part Number: 744

Part Number: 750

Part Number: 775

Part Number: 778


Tooth Profile
We currently offer inserts with the following tooth profiles, the classification is Teeth Per square Inch (TPI).
Note: TPI shown is not actual size.
Tungsten Carbide available with a Cobalt VC 11 or Nickel VC 320 binder.
Our standard packaging methods for your insert orders are up to 500 inserts per bag depending on insert size. We have the ability to package 50 or 100 parts per bag, please contact us to review your order and this option that may be available to you.
Variations on thickness availability are as follows:
• .015″ / .38 mm
• .017″ / .43 mm
• .020″ / .51 mm
.025″  / .63 mm (Standard)
• .030″ / .76 mm
• .039″ / .99 mm
• .043″ / 1.09 mm
• .050″ / 1.27 mm
• .069″ / 1.75 mm